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shoes warm boots ears Green PU cat winter plush cotton slippers Cute home Unisex TxPxSw8qa

Our online SEO training courses teach you vital SEO skills you can apply at once. Learn how to outrank your competition and become the best result through our training courses! Whether you're a blogger, developer, online marketeer, or own a business, big or small: we believe in  SEO for everyone.
  • Master SEO in complete courses with bite-size lessons. Take a deep dive or cherry-pick practical tips: your choice
  • We don't stop at the theory: we help you practice actual SEO skills from keyword research to technical SEO
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Our essential SEO Courses

All our SEO courses

Why get a Yoast Academy SEO training?

Good SEO can be the difference between a successful website and a website that no one visits. It’s obviously worth investing in. If you’re looking for an online SEO training course, you’re probably looking to seriously improve your SEO. We feel that Yoast Academy is the best online SEO training hub to realize your ambitions. But why?

Yoast Academy training courses prepare you for real-life SEO situations. Most online SEO training courses provide a number of videos with information. Then they assume you’re ready to do all the right things. The inconvenient truth? Research shows you’re not. Learning is so much more than that. SEO training is using expert knowledge about the web to help you develop the skills you need to rank. In our SEO training courses, you actually practice those skills. We let you write a blog post. We let you write and validate code. We let you formulate SEO strategies. You can even get feedback from Yoast experts.

Of course, we also share top-notch SEO knowledge. World-renowned SEO authorities like Joost de Valk and Jono Alderson share the experience they’ve gained in years of SEO work for the world’s biggest brands. You’ll discover and practice the same successful SEO tactics they’ve applied. After taking our SEO training courses, you’re ready to immediately improve your SEO in real life. And that makes all the difference.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, a content writer, developer, online marketeer, or an owner of a business, it doesn't matter. We have something for everyone. We take pride in the fact that we can help everyone rank by simply outperforming sites with more resources. Because we believe being the best result is what’s going to make you rank.

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Would you like to get this course for multiple people in your team? That’s a great idea, because you get discounts when you buy in bulk (up to 50%). Just purchase the number of courses you need. You can then assign them to your team members or colleagues with one click of a button in your MyYoast account. It really is that easy!

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Would you like to buy different courses at once? Feel free to send an email to with your request. Our sales team will get back to you.