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When you access Courses from the navigation panel, you see all of your courses where you're enrolled as a student.

To view organizations where you're a participant, tap the main menu icon and select Organizations. Organizations behave like courses and contain tools that enable members to communicate. For every organization where you’re a participant, you can access content, view announcements, and participate in discussions.

The Courses and Organizations lists function the same.

The favorites list for courses in the desktop Ultra experience is not supported in the mobile app. Favorite courses don't appear at the top of the course list in the app.

Unavailable courses don't appear in the Blackboard app.

Hide or show courses and organizations

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You can clean up your view of the Current course or organization list. For example, hide a course that you no longer need to access.

  1. Tap the card at the end of the list that states the number of hidden courses or organizations.
  2. Tap a course or organization to hide or show.

The changes you make only apply to your view of the list.

You can reverse the process at any time. To show a hidden course or organization in the list again, tap the last card in the list. Tap a gray hidden course or organization to show it and Save.

Past or upcoming courses and organizations

If you have past or upcoming courses and organizations, you can swipe left or right to display them. Courses and organizations are placed in current, past, or upcoming lists based on the duration specified in the course or organization settings.

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