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Men's Men's ELLESSE Slides ELLESSE Fillipo ELLESSE Men's Slides Fillipo Academic Fields

  • Class Hours

    6-Week Track (Jul 3, 2018 ~ Aug 9, 2018)

    Period Class Hours Reference
    ELLESSE Fillipo Slides Men's Fillipo Slides Men's ELLESSE Men's ELLESSE 1 09:00 ~ 10:40
    2 11:00 ~ 12:40
    3 13:20 ~ 15:00
    4 15:20 ~ 17:00 Korean Language Course ends 18:00
  • Men's ELLESSE Slides Men's Slides Fillipo Men's ELLESSE Fillipo ELLESSE  

    4-Week Track (Jul 3, 2018 ~ Jul 26, 2018)

    Period Class Hours Slides Fillipo ELLESSE ELLESSE Fillipo Men's ELLESSE Men's Slides Men's Reference
    1A 09:30 ~ 12:00
    2A 13:30 ~ 16:00

Courses are subject to change without prior notice. Classes are held 4 days a week (Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thurs).

Course load

Minimum course load is 2 courses (6 credits), and maximum course load is 3 courses (9 credits).

Course Schedule Options

Men's Men's Slides ELLESSE ELLESSE Fillipo ELLESSE Slides Fillipo Men's Credit Transferability

All YISS courses are credit-bearing courses and credits earned at YISS are transferable to most institutions outside of Korea. For credit transfer, students are advised to consult and obtain approval from their academic advisors of the home institution in advance : Credit transferability of a particular YISS course depends solely on home institutions' policies.